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We Are Botanica Game

Where amazing games are “born and raised”

Botanica Game is a manufacturer and publisher of mobile video games, established in 2015. With the orientation of developing in-depth game lines and foundational technologies for the Game industry. Since its inception, Botanica Game Studio has been positioned as a high-quality game company, capable of competing in the international market.

Our desire is to create positive changes on mobile platforms through our great world-class services.

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We have a passion for games!

Great Game Made By Passionate People

Our founding team are veteran individual contributors who have a passion for world-building.


Bota partners have cooperated to publish.


Bota members create games every day


The game is released



Imagination, Innovation, Incarnation

Our mission is to create virtual worlds more meaningful than real life

Our mission to entertain the world goes beyond gaming. Our teams create innovative and entertaining apps for everyday life.

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